Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something that has been on my mind for quite awhile is the question, Are we worshipping worship, or the Creator?
Let me start by saying I am a very outward worshipper, always have been, always will be! I love to jump, dance, run, sing and clap my hands! My concern is do we realize how great our God is? Are we running, dancing, singing and clapping because He is that great? Or are we just going through those motions, because "we are supposed" to be that way? There is a song I love called, "The Motions", very touching song, there is a line that talks about looking back at your life realizing you've gone through the motions..wow! I so don't want that to be me! I want to worship my King, because He is the Alpha & Omega, and because the fullness dwells in Him! If we danced, sang or whatever every minute of everyday for our entire life, He still wouldn't be lifted up enough! Isn't that an awesome thought? He is that wonderful, yet He chose us to love Him and worship Him! Everyday that I live I just want to fall at His feet, not because I only love the worship, but because I love so much the one that causes to want to worship, because He is worthy beyond words!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have been on Weight watchers for 24 weeks now, and right now I'm experiencing my first plateau, partly because of my own doing, I must admit! The frustration level that is associated with these plateaus is very high! It got me thinking about walking with God, we can be even more frustrated by spiritual plateaus, but I look at it this way, it can be a time when God is trying to level us out and get us back on track! This week I have started back on my program, getting myself back on track, letting go of that junk food, I love so much!
I love God, and the way He does things is just perfect, He sets our feet on the rock to stay, plateaus in the spirit are just times of waiting on God, seeking direction or just to grow in Him...so I say thank you God for plateaus, in the spirit at least, not so sure about where weight is concerned though....I'll think more about that for awhile!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to school

Unbelievably it is already that time again! Back to school....
Tonight we went out to get the last few things for the BIG day..shoes, clothes, backpacks..When Joshua tried on his new tennis shoes he ran all over the house, declaring his new shoes were helping to run faster than before! It took me back to my school days, I remember challenging neighborhood kids to races in my "new" shoes! Just something about those new shoes, they just seemed to transport me to a new place, a place where I reigned supreme in running, which of course was not true!
I love the newness of back to school..the excitement in my kids and the sadness I feel each year as I send them off with new clothes and freshly sharpened pencils..another step closer to independence! This time of year helps me cherish them and causes me to hold them closer...It encourages me to make our memories count!