Monday, March 7, 2011

picture this...

Imagine yourself being in a valley...all around you is dryness, dust and dirt...there are cracks in the ground from lack of water...there is no life to speak of either...just a bunch of scattered bones....dried out dead bones...Imagine how Ezekiel felt...I kinda laugh to myself when I think about it, not because I have no faith, just thinking how awesome it would have been to see life come to that valley again!
When it seems like all you see when you look around is dry, deadness...I'm talking about dead ministries, the future that used to look so bright has dimmed and is fading away...dryness of the spirit can kill a Christian! God amazes me, I love to watch Him breathe life back into that ministry, renewing that spark, it feels even better to have God do it for you, to experience that life again! I love to imagine being Ezekiel, my Pastor spoke of this valley yesterday, and I found myself imagining I was there...seeing the bones coming together and standing there in line, but still not moving...there was no life.. But when the prophet spoke the word the life came even greater still is imagining being those bodies that were put together, do you think they knew what had happened?
I'm so thankful for the times in my life God has done that for me, He used a prophet to speak life into my spirit, now I wanna do the same for you...God has not left your situation, He sees the dryness whether it be from sickness, sadness, fear or just plain desires not being fulfilled...He sees it all...over time those bones decayed and became dry bones...the same thing happens to Christians they let time slip away or it just does until the dryness consumes them...but God won't let you stay that way if you ask, He will bring the pieces all back together....the sinew, the flesh, it all be back where it belongs in His time...the healing will come, that revival will come...the joy will come back, just wait and see...the moisture of God's presence will fill that place again! He amazed Ezekiel with the works He performed and He will do the same for you!!

Love ya my friends!