Monday, February 7, 2011

You will be changed!

I was thinking when I woke up this morning about trials...not because I am going through one, but because many of my friends are!
In church yesterday a dear sister sang a song called, "The Potter knows the clay," very good song, loved the words to brought the question to my mind, does the Potter really know the clay? Then my pastor got up and said that it has been said that Master potters take a lot of time looking for that right piece of clay to make their next creation, guess that answered my questions...God does know the clay, he does know us, He knows what heat it will take to get us where we need to be! Some of the trials we face we feel like we are splitting in two, and no one understands where you are or where you are know I believe that is true to a point, God understands, but unless a person has walked through what you are they really don't understand, trials are a very lonely time in your walk with God.
Another thing I was thinking about is landscape....when an avalanche, tornado, or hurricane come through an area that place is forever changed, the buildings may get rebuilt, but the landscape never looks the same..when trials move through our lives our "landscape" will never be the same again, we are forever changed! When we lived in Florida Hurricane Opal came through the panhandle, when the destruction was finished the place looked like a war zone! The beautiful white sand dunes that were once there were gone, oh sure they are probably built back up now, but the landscape was forever changed...
The changes that are brought about in our lives because of trials are for our good and the good of others, they aren't just for you...they work patience, not for you, but for those around us, so we can have the patience we need to be there for them!
If you are going through the storm look up, be encouraged, sit at the Master potters feet, stay on the wheel and let that beautiful work be completed in you! You will be amazed at the changes God brings in your landscape!