Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God is in the wind

This year in Alaska we have endured several storms and some down right weird weather! Today I was looking out my window when I started thinking about these storms. In my yard there are limbs and small branches everywhere my mind began to race so here we go...
The Christian walk is filled with storms, some will be earth shaking others will just be mild, but both are still storms and there is a purpose for each. When we go through wind storms in our lives we wonder if it will ever end then when it does we begin looking around wondering why all our "stuff" is lying all over the yards of our lives, we question God, but I need that in my life to fulfill your will, but He just comes back to gently remind us that the word says we need to lay aside those weights that affect us...the branches coming off the trees are God's way of cleaning them up before Spring so there will be room for the new buds ready to pop through just as soon as it warms up! We are no different than those trees the collection of stuff that clung to us during our Winter season is affecting our walk with God, it gets in the way of our sensitivity to the Spirit of God, so we have to be shaken in the storms to rid us of those weights..our Spring is coming the weather is going to get warmer and God is going to bring life to the things we thought were dead. If you are facing a strong wind in your life just hold on, sit still and let the branches fall trust He is doing a good work in you and remember He is in the Wind!!!