Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have been on Weight watchers for 24 weeks now, and right now I'm experiencing my first plateau, partly because of my own doing, I must admit! The frustration level that is associated with these plateaus is very high! It got me thinking about walking with God, we can be even more frustrated by spiritual plateaus, but I look at it this way, it can be a time when God is trying to level us out and get us back on track! This week I have started back on my program, getting myself back on track, letting go of that junk food, I love so much!
I love God, and the way He does things is just perfect, He sets our feet on the rock to stay, plateaus in the spirit are just times of waiting on God, seeking direction or just to grow in Him...so I say thank you God for plateaus, in the spirit at least, not so sure about where weight is concerned though....I'll think more about that for awhile!

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