Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Circles have to be my favorite!

There are times when God will do something that just causes me to take a step back and survey His greatness...
When I was 10 I lived in Ketchikan, Alaska, it was a rough time for me, we had just lost my little brother and my parents' marriage also folded under that pressure, don't worry, this blog is not about my suffering, I am just setting a scene. I was a kid that was broken down by circumstances, but you know I loved basketball! I would go to Valley Park elementary school and shoot hoops with my uncle, it was there that the light came into my life...his name was Brother Glover, well His name is Jesus, but the Jesus I saw was him! He let me know I mattered, he invited my family to church, and it was there in that little home church I first heard the gospel. God really stepped in there, but what I keep looking at is, I was born in Southeast Alaska..I love Southeast Alaska, now God is sending Brad & I to Southeast Alaska to Pastor! My mind has tried to wrap itself around that, but it is a big concept in the human mind. The benefits that He has given through this are, being near my Mom again, and Brother Glover will be doing our installation service! It is just so fitting, God wrapped that gift right up, even put a beautiful bow on top!
The saying goes, All things come full circle, well, I must say circles are definately my favorite!


  1. Amen to that! He makes no mistakes. So happy for you guys! ...and just a little bit jealous. ;) God bless you both (and the fam!) in this exciting adventure. The Lord knows how to keep it interesting. :)

  2. This is very cool!!! I see A big bright gold bow!!GOD IS GOOD