Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Sod Cemetery

The Sod Cemetery

My question for you today is, is the enemy truly defeated in your life?

There is a tradition that the Florida state Seminole football team has, it started in 1962, after they defeated Georgia 18-0 they brought back a piece of the sod from Georgia’s football field, and that tradition continues today, when FSU wins a game on the road as underdogs they bring a piece of sod back home to their practice field where they bury that sod in the “Sod cemetery.” .It may sound crazy to some, but as a football fan myself it could almost be a motivating thing, especially for longtime fans of FSU.
God truly loves the underdog! David was looked at as small, not very valuable to the common onlooker, but with his faith and trust in God, he defeated a giant that had terrorized Israel, and those bigger guys were scared of him, they had forgotten what God could do! At the time of Goliath’s slaying, David had already killed a lion and a bear, with God’s help!
Then there is Gideon, he fought a great army with 300 men! Talk about underdogs!! I really believe God wants us to have the “underdog mentality” there is just a difference there, when a team or person is told over and over the feat they want to accomplish just can’t be done, that “underdog mentality” takes over, almost possesses them to the point where they know they will accomplish it! I’m not saying God wants us to walk around with a defeated attitude, only the attitude of realizing we are nothing without Him, we need Him to have our back and fight along with us!
Is FSU taking it too far, well that’s up to you to decide, but the thing that I see there that just stuck with me is the sod cemetery gives them proof that they are winners, when the games aren’t going so great, maybe the victories just aren’t coming for the team, they can go there and remember..
I think we should have a “Sod cemetery” in our lives too! We need to take a piece of every enemy we defeat to the cemetery so we can remember and celebrate the victories God has brought our way! The FSU football teams also make a marker for each sod grave with the opponent, score and date of the game. I think the reason we could benefit from this is because we all have days when we fall and feel defeated, but that is where that “Underdog mentality” will take over, because you see the underdog never gives up, they are never defeated, in their minds they will win that game! We need to grasp that attitude, and purpose in our hearts that through God we are the winners and because He is so big, we will never be defeated! We need to visit Calvary daily, because that day in time Jesus pulled off the biggest upset the world had ever or will ever see!
It’s funny…you can even learn something from a game called football….God is ever teaching us, if only we will pay attention!

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