Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do you hurt?

I got inspired today when I saw a post by a dear brother...he was talking about taking time for yourself to heal, it pricked my heart, because I know we don't do that, God brought to my remembrance of the times He got alone to pray, don't you think He was wounded too? He says He felt the things we feel, well that means hurts too!
I remember as a child my family along with my aunt were at the beach, well we kids decided to play follow the leader, so my aunt jumped over a piece of glass, I tried, but I landed on it cutting my heal wide open. We were out the road so we had to drive into town to get to the hospital and by the time we got there the sheet I was using on my foot was pretty much red.... the experience at the hospital wasn't the best, they had to clean out the sand and rocks with water, and I still have a big scar after all these years, but the wound is all healed, but if my parents would have just taken me home and didn't pay any attention to the wound it probably would have turned out different, I probably would have dealt with an infection. The same thing happens when we don't deal with hurts and wounds in our heart...they become infected then bitterness comes..
Like the Eagle, there comes a time when an older Eagle must go up into the mountains to moult..they lay prostrate out under the sun, they rest and stay there until the process is finished and in place of their old worn feathers they now have shiny new ones! But it hurts at times, and they aren't themselves....
One great thing I have discovered about allowing yourself to heal is the process God takes you really is beautiful, yes it hurts, but in the end your ministry has a new shine too it, because a price has been paid, it takes sacrifice to have a ministry, and sometimes that means hurts at the hands of others! Just remember to let yourself heal, sit at the Masters feet, soak in His presence every chance you get, and before you know it you will be on your feet again and completely whole!
I love y'all...

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