Friday, January 21, 2011


Something you hear a lot about these days is recycling. When we lived in Hawaii it was really big, I mean you would see people going through the trash and dumpsters to find things to recycle! There were trucks set up for recycling, people bring their stuff and they get their money. They can make just about anything out of plastic, paper, cardboard and glass, it amazes me! I took the kids to a free activity at the community college, and they were handing out rulers made out of old phone books and pencils that were made of recycled denim!!! Cool huh? I believe in recycling, because I think it shows good stewardship, but honestly I don't recycle all that I should! I realized a neat thing about recycling, God is the master of it! Think about it for a minute, we first come to him, a mess and not at all what we should be, but He takes what we have and creates something new in us, He recycles that negative attitude, that addiction, the sinful outlooks we had into useful tools to reach our world!! The kids and I walked to and from school a lot when we lived there, and along the way the sidewalks were just littered with bottles and wrappers, in fact Briana would mention often she wanted to bring a trash bag to clean up as we went, then recycle what we could, and then throw the rest out. Now that I think about it, there is a lesson in it, yes it is great that they waned to pick up the trash, but also about how God has came through each of our life's "picking" up the trash, He recycled the useful things and got rid of the rest! Who would of thought that there would be any use for that old phone book or used denim? That is how people used to see us, we weren't worth much we had no real use, you may even feel that way now, but God looks and sees the potential for "recycling" in us! Recycling or re-purposing is just turning old things into new things, that is truly God's business! Re-purposing is a great word, God takes our old, sinful purpose giving us a new purpose, a new perspective!! He gives us beauty for ashes, turning that old junky stuff into new beautiful useful gifts to use for His glory! Let God look into your heart daily, so He can get rid of the trash and make you a glorious example of His "recycling" power!!!
I love y'all...

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