Thursday, September 10, 2009


You know what drives me crazy? Losing things! I will literally freak out over a lost paper or shoe...
Yesterday, one of my dear children could not find the match to any of her shoes, she was getting ready for school, and her dad was not so patiently waiting on her ( again)...with everything I could muster I spoke calmly to her when I told her, "When you get home you will locate every pair of shoes you have!" So, I sent her off to school in a pair of Croc-like shoes, knowing they weren't looked upon highly by the school. I know in your mind you are like so? Hang on though, I can prove to you a lost shoe really has much to do with God and our lives.
Before we knew God we were so lost, but God looked upon on as a very valuable thing, worth searching for! You see when God is not living in us we are missing a part of our heart, I tell my kids it is a key shape, because only God can open our hearts!
After I freak out about the loss of something I look back and realize the importance of losing something material is of no real value, but oh to lose your soul and be lost for eternity...what sadness! We need to hold the same attitude towards lost souls as we do when we lose a piece of paper, because I know I'll search and search until it's found, God did with us, so why not them?

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