Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last night I was wrapping up a gift I made for a baby shower when I realized I didn't really have any nice gift bags, I had a Happy birthday one and a bright yellow one, so of course I had to go with the yellow, I got out some stickers and ribbon and acceptable gift bag...well kinda!
I started thinking about packaging, our packaging. In the great scope of things does our "packaging" really matter? Does it matter if we are thin, heavy, short, tall, quiet, or loud? I feel like God was telling me in my frustration about the less than perfect gift bag, that the gift is really what matters anyways...the gift of God in us! You may be like me, we feel less than acceptable a lot, you suffer breakouts, your weight goes up and down, you lose your temper with your kids, you lack enough self confidence...etc etc. Remember the gift is all that matters! I personally feel self confidence is really God confidence , He will finish the work He started in you! Don't be so caught up in the packaging, realize God has put many gifts in you so use them in this world, and make a difference with them!

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